The Suburban and a Trip to Stone Mountain

There is something about Summer that opens the opportunity for road trip after road trip, and one destination for the perfect weekend trip is good old Stone Mountain. While this is always a fun idea for anybody in any vehicle, there's something about the Chevrolet Suburban that makes this any road trip that much better.

This behemoth of an SUV has the power, capability, and space to handle any adventure. Seating up to eight people means that there's room for you and your entire road trip crew to fit comfortably with plenty of cargo space left over for whatever gear or supplies you may want to bring along. The Journey itself is made enjoyable thanks to the infotainment system with Bluetooth and SiriusXM capability that allows an uninterrupted playtime of your road-trip playlists there and back. Packing a 5.3-liter EcoTech3 V8 engine with available four-wheel drive, it's definitely safe to say that this SUV has the power and handling to tackle any road trip with ease.

But Summer won't be here forever. So, come to our dealership today for a test drive and experience that difference that sets the Chevrolet Suburban apart. For more information on the road trip potential in the Chevrolet Suburban, please feel free to contact us directly here on our website. We proudly sell all new Chevrolet vehicles to the drivers of the greater Atlanta area.

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