Meet Your Chevy's Maker


Exclusively at Jim Ellis Chevrolet on March 26th, 10am to 5pm.

The program is actually called GM Outreach. General Motors has chosen nine Chevy dealers in the U.S. to come out and get a "hands on feel" to allow their employees to experience what operating a dealership is all about. Corporate executives, engineers, designers, marketers, etc. will take over Jim Ellis Chevrolet on Saturday, March 26.

Got a question about GM and Chevy's future? Want to ask an engineer about a technical aspect of your Chevy? Want to ask a designer about the future look of the new Corvette? Want to get a price on a new Chevy from a Corporate Executive? Test drive a Volt? The new Camaro Convertible?


There will be food, fun, activities, door prizes and special deals on new Chevrolets. Of course, there is no charge to attend.

Come and visit on March 26!

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