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2023 Chevy Colorado

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  • Overview

    A silver 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 is angled left.

    There is something about the 2023 Chevy Colorado that makes you want to go on an adventure. Perhaps it is the aggressive and sporty design that seems to challenge the toughest trails or, better yet, the inviting interior that makes you want to settle in for a long drive. Of course, it could be the off-road additions that make taking to the trails easier than ever before.

    Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a hardworking work truck, or an audacious off-road beast, the 2023 Chevy Colorado has the trim for you. Every trim is equipped with a version of the 2.7L turbo I-4, which is then tuned to deliver the torque and horsepower that makes that trim unique. An eight-speed automatic transmission is paired with the engine, allowing for the different drive modes that make conquering terrain possible.

    Newly designed, the Chevy Colorado features a new front end with more aggressive styling all over. The interior has also been refreshed, making it stand out just as much as the exterior. Select trims feature luxury leather appointments, while the others feature easy-to-clean and durable cloth or vinyl. A large infotainment screen makes connecting to features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto simple and convenient.


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    $29,200 [a]

  • Performance

    A close up shows the engine in a 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2.

    The Powerful 2.7L Engines

    Whether you are spending a day working hard in the 2023 Chevy Colorado WT or you’re taking it off-road with the 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss, you’ll be doing it with a turbo engine beating beneath the hood. The 2.7L turbocharged inline-four engine is paired with an updated eight-speed automatic transmission for smooth shifting and power off the start.

    Depending on the trim you choose, you’ll experience horsepower ranging up to 310 ponies. The first two trims, WT and LT, get the job done with 237 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. To get a bump in power and torque try out the Trail Boss trim and the Z71 trim. Both crank out 310 horsepower and jump to 390 lb-ft of torque with the Plus version of the engine. Topping out at 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque is the highest trim, the ZR2, with the High-Output version of the 2.7L roaring at its heart.

    Equipped With Features That Make Driving a Breeze

    The Chevy Colorado is available with an Automatic Locking Rear Differential, which kicks in to add traction and maintain control. If the Eaton Locker senses wheel slippage, the system will initiate, locking both rear wheels so that they turn at the same time, which improves grip. For even more control, try out the ZR2 trim, which comes standard with a Driver-Selectable Full-Locking Rear Differential and Front-Differential. With the push of a button, you decide when to lock the rear wheels or the front wheels, customizing your traction to your environment.

    Standard on the top trims is the AutoTrac 2-Speed Transfer Case with Push Button Controls. Choose between Auto, 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD Lo. Each setting provides traction on demand, fitting the terrain and driving environment. Auto mode utilizes the 2WD mode unless there is wheel slippage, in which case it will kick into 4WD to regain control. 2WD is your average drive mode, great for on the road. For on-the-road driving with adverse conditions, such as rain or snow, 4WD is the go-to mode. When you need even more traction and control, like in off-road situations that involve mud or deep snow, 4WD Lo will keep you rolling.

  • Off-Roading

    A red 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss is shown from the front on a dusty trail.

    Take Your Truck on Your Next Adventure

    There are many reasons to choose the new 2023 Chevy Colorado, one of which is its off-road capabilities. When life gives you an adventure, get a Chevy Colorado. Better yet, get one of the three off-road trims that make it easier to take the road less traveled.

    Drive Modes

    Selectable drive modes make it simple to go from on-road driving to off-road, no matter the terrain. The first drive mode is the Normal mode which is designed for everyday driving. For terrain that has some bumps and lumps, try the Off-Road drive mode. Tow/Haul mode is designed to combat the changes caused by the addition of a heavy load. Terrain mode is next, using optimized braking and throttle, the Colorado can conquer rocky terrain at low speeds. In this mode, the Colorado can kick on the brakes to make rock climbing easier than without. Calibrated for high-speed sandy terrain and uneven surfaces is the Baja drive mode. Baja mode is only available on the ZR2 trim.

    Other Features That Help You Conquer Trails

    The ZR2 has a few other extras that make going off-road more enjoyable while protecting you and your truck. Off-Road rocker protectors are exclusive to this trim, offering protection to the body of the truck from debris. You can even choose to equip the ZR2 with a roof-mounted light bar and a grille light bar, perfect for lighting your way when exploring in the dark. In case you forget the lights, equip your ZR2 with an off-road Safari bar to protect your vehicle from hazards. Performance bash plates are available on select trims. These add protection to the vulnerable components of the Colorado. Frame-mounted recovery hooks are available, making it more convenient for getting yourself out of a sticky situation.

    The Trail Boss is designed for off-road with a two-inch lift and ultra-wide stance, allowing it to clear obstacles with ease. The ZR2 also features a unique body style, making it easier to go off-road. A three-inch lift, combined with a wider stance, gives the ZR2 an edge over the other trims when it comes to going on the trails.

  • Design

    A close up shows the red accents on a black seat in a 2023 Chevy Colorado.

    Every Detail Has Been Accounted For

    The Chevy Colorado features a design that is as functional as it is handsome. Inside and out, the Colorado has features that make sense. From the new hood shape to the StowFlex Tailgate, front to rear, the Colorado has purpose.

    A new sculpted hood design provides an aggressive look to the front end but also increases driver visibility. A black grille bar and lower front fascia jut across the chain-link style grille insert. The ZR2 also features a body-colored grille shield. The rear bumper matches the front end and includes built-in steps for easier access to the box.

    The StowFlex Tailgate

    One useful feature worked into the design is the StowFlex Tailgate. This unique tailgate is a first in its class, offering a lockable compartment to store valuables. The compartment even includes a built-in drain, meaning you can use it for more than just storage. Throw in some ice and let the good times roll. For the times you’re working instead of relaxing, the tailgate even includes a built-in tape measure etched into the bed to make your job easier and more convenient.

    An Improved Interior

    The interior has been redone for the new model, improving upon the features that were already fantastic in previous years. Inside the cab awaits a class-leading touchscreen for all of your infotainment needs. There is also a redone instrument cluster screen that displays in full color. Both the infotainment screen and the instrument cluster screen are customizable, making them fit your needs. There is even an available extra-large charging pad for wireless charging integrated into the center console.

    While the lower trims feature durable and comfortable cloth or vinyl upholstery, the Z71 and ZR2 change it up. Choose between either leatherette trim or genuine leather appointments in rugged color combinations. The ZR2 features a unique dash design and contrast stitching, while the Z71 is distinguished with red accents and contrast stitching.

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